Statutory Accounts

Directors of Private Limited companies are responsible for the preparation of Annual Financial Statements that must be filed with Companies House and HMRC.

Your statutory accounts must meet either, International Financial Reporting Standards or New UK Generally Accepted Accounting Practice and therefore, it is vital that you engage the services of an accountant to assist you.

Our expert team will ensure that you are compliant, and will present the following to you:

  • Balance sheet – this report demonstrates the amounts the company owes and is owed at the Financial yearend
  • Profit and loss account- this report outlines the company’s sales, running costs and the profit or loss it has made over the financial year
  • Director’s report (Unless the company is a micro-entity)
  • Notes to the Accounts

At Page Ivy, your accounts are prepared by our team of experts who make sure to provide all clients with detailed, informative knowledge. The services we provide you with will be communicated to you, in a way that is easily understood, allowing you to relax with the knowledge that all information you receive will be accurate and detailed.

Our team will become progressively familiar with you and your business by remaining in contact throughout the financial year. This means we are efficient when we come to producing your accounts!

Every Page Ivy team member is paired with an accounts partner, who will be their main form of contact. We want to help you take your business forward, so we don’t shy away from providing you with relevant ideas and strategies we believe would be a positive step for your company!